When the real Wang-joon arrives, Zero Ten strangles him but Da-da stops the impersonator from doing so by kissing him, thereby resetting his memories. Young-gu asks Bo-won what a seven-year relationship means to humans. While there, he stops Da-da from splurging on unnecessary products, and also learns more about human traits. Da-da turns to Young-gu’s user manual, but finds that there is no such mode for "affection pleading". Da Da and Wang Joon Break Up May. He tells Director Ko that Zero Nine has began to develop real feelings, but the Director replies that he will not allow that to happen. Diana, who had lost her right hand in an accident, warns the duo that she wants the robot delivered asap, otherwise she will torment them. Da-da is taken to hospital, where she insists that she is not dating the “dummy”. However, none of them came close to scoring the victory achieved by Descendants Of The Sun both in terms of local TV ratings and international popularity. Zero Ten/Wang-joon, upon Diana's orders, drives Da-da out of the city to get rid of her. Bo-won learns from the Director that the manufacturer of the coolers has long died. Da-da wakes up late the next morning and rushes out of the house without breakfast, so she instructs Young-gu to stay inside and not cause trouble for her at work. Young-gu shows up in a. Da-da wakes up to find Young-gu in only an apron; he is under the mistaken impression that she likes men dressed that way. Bo Won checks on Zero Nine’s condition and seeks a way to stop Diana together with Ji Seok. The Director sends an official request for approval to the head office, but it was rejected immediately due to the financial damage incurred over Zero Nine's handling, and the cessation of the cooler production. It premiered with a double-digit rating of 11.5 percent and now has an average viewership that stands at 7.3 percent. When Yeo Woong reunites with Bo-won, she learns that he and Young-gu never went to Switzerland, and that the latter will become scrap. Wang-joon’s drama is into the final episodes of its fourth season, and he gets a chance to star in a Hollywood film. Wang-joon, along with Yeo Woong and Mr. Geum, attend a meeting with the PD and his assistant at the TV station to discuss the second season of his drama. Disini nonton drakor indo HD loh. Yoo Jin was exploring the drama concept with her when he came, and backs Young-gu’s relationship with Da-da. The “dummy” saves Da-da from an accident, but is pierced himself. Wang-joon invites Da-da to the restaurant for dinner, but Young-gu, sensing something unpleasant, pleads for her not to go. Da-da and Wang-joon threaten to call the police, but Bo-won manages to lure the two men out of the house. Bo-won looks for Young-gu just as he puts her to sleep, and after analysing him, he is amazed that Young-gu managed to restore his data on his own. Release year: 2019. Bo-won visits Da-da and tells her the only way she can get Young-gu back is to kiss him. He invites her for dinner at their favourite restaurant, because he has something important to say to her. After all, the drama is headlined by popular actors Yeo Jin-goo and Girl’s Day’s Bang Min-ah whose previous projects obtained decent ratings. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Da-da cringes at the accidental kiss with the “dummy”, who awakens and addresses her as his girlfriend. They drive to Diana’s mansion to break the bad news to her, and confess that they need another week for Zero Nine to be ready. She returns to the ferry terminal and gets mad at him for stubbornly waiting there, but realizes he was right when he points out that even though she was late, she did return for him. However, Kyu-ri doesn't buy it, and thinks Da-da is hiding from reality. Wang-joon hopes Young-gu can make Da-da happy. He blames Young-gu for making Da-da sad, and wants him to vanish as soon as possible. Bo-won reports his findings to Director Ko, who is concerned about the data analysis results for Zero Nine. I'd watched My Amazing Boyfriend Season 1 when it was airing and followed My Amazing Boyfriend Season 2 as it aired and here is my review: Story: Although you can watch Season 2 without watching Season 1, you'll get a much better understanding of what's happening if you'd watched Season 1. Young-gu picks Da-da up and presents her with a pair of tickets to a. Da-da returns home, thinking that Young-gu had went back after the cruise had closed, but does not find him there. Bo-won reports his findings to the Director, and together they seek a way to stop Diana. Zero Nine immediately loses his memories of Da-da as a result of the kiss and moves to live with Diana. 현지에서 먹힐까? Da-da cleans up the decorations, but finds herself stuck in the bathroom when Wang-joon and Yeo Woong bring his agent Mr. Geum (. She passes out and is taken to hospital. Wang-joon escorts Da-da to the set, and tells her there he will wait for her to come back to him. Young-gu eventually confesses to Wang-joon he isn't human. Bo-won looks back and is remorseful about telling Young-gu about love, but the latter replies he would have learned it eventually, and does not blame the both of them. And if the series continues to lose to its strong prime time rivals Angel’s Last Mission: Love and One Spring Night, it is only a matter of time before it can defeat, albeit in an unwanted fashion, Spring Turns To Spring which recorded the two lowest ratings—1.5 and 1.7 percent—for a terrestrial drama so far this year. However, it did not get the attention it deserved until KBS2’s phenomenal 2016 series Descendants Of The Sun opened the industry’s eyes to the potential of a fully pre-produced series. She picks up her record player from the recycling center and dumps him there. Young-gu is unable to confess his thoughts to Da-da, who invites him to see a meteor shower the next day at Ganghwa Island. Wang-joon learns from Da-da that the cooler is broken. Da-da sneaks into Wang-joon’s house by disguising as an elderly cleaning woman to decorate his living room and watch him win the Best Actor award. Yeo Woong also learns that Young-gu has fallen ill, and consoles Bo-won. 15, 2019. Young-gu follows an upset Da-da inside; she tells him to stop calling her “Girlfriend”. 73. Back in the lab, the Director finds out Bo-won’s intentions, and with In-hyuk heads to, Grateful for having Young-gu around, Da-da takes Young-gu home. Bo-won takes Da-da to the lab to see to the cooler's delivery. Bo-won reports to the Director he has found a way to cure Young-gu - a component called the heart-cooler, which was used in one of the European models who also suffered a meltdown. Wang-joon vows to Diana that he will win Da-da back again. Filming finally wraps up, although Wang-joon asks Da-da to stay to remove his makeup, which she declined. Da-da teaches Young-gu the dance she danced with her father while he was alive. Yeo Woong informs Wang-joon his advertisers are dropping his endorsement deals, but she managed to buy some time to delay production for the drama. But when she finds out how deep Night's devotion to herself is, Riko finds herself falling in love … EPISODES 35-36 RECAP Because of Da-da’s comment that she’s looking forward to experiencing all the seasons with him, Young-gu arranges for them all at once, inside the house — snow for winter, cherry blossoms … Continue reading "My Absolute Boyfriend: Episodes 35-36 … Da Da watches the show as she waits for him at his house. July 4th, 2019 at 2:14 am. Wang-joon finds the tablet containing Zero Nine's manual, and learns that Young-gu is indeed a robot. Young-gu, Bo-won, Wang-joon and Yeo Woong join her in paying respects. Angel’s Last Mission: Love not only boasts of a star-studded cast that can match against Yeo Jin-goo and Minah, but it also has a seemingly more interesting storyline than My Absolute Boyfriend. While at home, Wang-joon reminisces the times spent when Da-da hung around his house; he could not forget her. Wang-joon is visited by Geum while recuperating at home, and learns about Da-da's resignation. Young-gu asks Da-da if she still needs her, but he nearly wets her workstation. Young-gu decides to stay to free Wang-joon, who races to stop his impersonator from harming Da-da. Meanwhile,Nokdu Flower, which occupies the network’s brand-new Friday-Saturday time slot, most recently posted 5.6 percent. In fact, My Absolute Boyfriend has become a flop as far as TV ratings are concerned. TV Shows. It’s finally time to see how our robot boyfriend and his lady’s story ends, or if it ends at all. Da-da asks Young-gu to release her, and gets a nasty fall. A hilarious girl meets boy/meets robot love story, “Absolute Boyfriend” is a 2019 Viki Original drama series based on the ever-popular manga, “Zettai Kareshi” by Yuu Watase. She identifies an in-car camera from a distance, and resolves the situation. Da-da is called to meet the PD at the station for the drama project, and meets Wang-joon there. Young-gu prepares kimbap for breakfast, but the skin on his left hand burns. Da-da wakes up and embraces Young-gu. Director Ko informs Bo-won about Diana and Zero Ten. Da-da names Zero Nine Young-gu, based on his serial number. The Director's worst fears about Zero Nine are proven after the head office determines that the robot has become a threat and he informs Bo-won they need to retrieve him. At dinner with the production team, Wang-joon tries to find out from Da-da why Young-gu denied dating her. The Director suggests to Bo-won a brilliant idea - to erase all of Zero Nine’s data so he could revert to his original state. Wang-joon meets up with Bo-won to clarify about Young-gu. For more precise subtitle search please enter additional info in search field (language, frame rate, movie year, tv show episode number). He goes back to the set to investigate the accident and runs into Wang-joon; with none of their shoe sizes matching those of the culprit, they decide to work together to find the real culprit and get Da-da's job back. Kyu-ri confirms that Young-gu and Da-da haven't slept together. Wang-joon tells him that his relationship with Da-da was longer, and that she doesn’t have feelings for Young-gu, she just needs someone by her side. Young-gu’s performance earlier during the day impresses the lady boss and she gives him a bonus. Mr. Geum advises Wang-joon, who had been tired since breaking up with Da-da, to rest for the day. I also really like Hong Jong Hyun and MInah, so hopefully, everything comes together 9 : Nana Ama Says: July 8th, 2019 at 3:39 am. Kelly's boyfriend on season 2 … Since Zero Nine’s programming forbids him to leave Da-da, Bo-won leaves her to take responsibility for the robot for a one-week trial period. Diana learns from In-hyuk about Zero Nine’s meltdown. Wang-joon is surprised to see Yeo Woong sporting an avant garde look so as to get Bo-won's attention. The Director learns that a newer model, Zero Ten, has been delivered into the lab. Da-da tells Zero Nine that she does not believe in love anymore and goes upstairs. Yeo Woong is frustrated by the reporters bugging her about Wang-joon’s relationship. At Da-da’s house, Young-gu and Da-da are cornered by Diana, who has come back for him, and her bodyguards. Young-gu prepares a candlelit dinner for Da-da as a replacement for the missed cruise. He runs off and gets into a near accident. He makes Da-da redo the makeup for the final showdown scene and delays filming. "[N시청률] '더 뱅커', 7.0% 자체최고로 종영…'닥터프리즈너' 종영 효과", "[N시청률] '단 하나의 사랑', 수목극 1위…'절대그이' 1.8% 자체최저", "[시청률IS] '봄밤', '단 하나의 사랑' 꺾고 첫 수목극 1위 '8.1%, "[N시청률] '단하나의사랑' 8.1% 수목극 1위 수성…'절대그이' 또 1%대", "[시청률IS] '봄밤' 7.9%로 수목극 1위…'절대그이' 2%대 회복", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_My_Absolute_Boyfriend_episodes&oldid=984858815, Lists of South Korean drama television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with Korean-language sources (ko), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Bo-won reports to the Director, Mr. Ko (Gong Jung-hwan), that Zero Nine is ready to be sent to his client. TV Shows. My Absolute Boyfriend seemed to have the strong recipe to succeed, or at least perform well in terms of viewership. He sends Da-da out for work, but continues to keep his true emotions to himself. Geum has not given up in trying to separate Wang-joon and Da-da, even though the actor had quit his agency. She desperately begs him not to die. Add My Absolute Boyfriend to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back. Kyu-ri and Yoo Jin offer to help cover Da-da’s duties in the drama production for the time being so she could take care of Young-gu. He insists the PD sign Da-da and her team on to continue providing the makeup for the drama. Korea drama streaming download film drakor 360 480 720 online. My Absolute Boyfriend (Instagram/sbsnow_insta) • D.O EXO Berangkat Wamil 1 Juli, SM Entertainment Beber Alasan Jadwal Cepat Sang Idol Wajib Militer • Video Musik Growl EXO Raih 200 Juta Views di YouTube, Awal Puncak Karier Boy Group SM Entertainment Wang-joon helps to get the cooler delivered by threatening to expose the head office over his impersonation incident. However, My Absolute Boyfriend is not the only SBS drama that is suffering from low TV ratings.The Secret Life Of My Secretary, which airs on the network every Mondays and Tuesdays, has maintained an average rating of around 3.2 percent and barely hit a 4 percent audience share.. Meanwhile,Nokdu Flower, which occupies the network’s brand-new Friday-Saturday … On the day of the flight, Bo-won barges into Diana’s mansion to prevent her from leaving with Ken/Young-gu, but is subdued and taken away. He began watching Korean dramas in 2014 and fell in love deeply with his all-time favorites Signal, Reply 1988, and Misaeng. She hopes Diana would go back to being the kind person she knows. On the last day of filming for Wang-joon's drama, he views the CCTV footage of the commercial shoot provided by Yeo Woong, and realizes that Young-gu was the man in the hanbok. Da-da also blames herself for his meltdown and is scared she is going to forget her memories of him if he dies. Diana tells Ken about the fire that claimed her right hand and how her relatives left a cold shoulder on her. Wang-joon finds the tickets and calls Young-gu inside to return them to him. I have a mint green umbrella… Had it years before this kdrama. Yeo Woong and Bo-won are married, and the latter has become an electronics technician in a neighbourhood with Yoo Jin serving as his assistant. Yeo Woong is puzzled to find Wang-joon behaving politely even to Mr. Geum, and wonders if he had been overwhelmed with shock. He gives her a ring, which collects data about her emotions. Wang-joon tells Da-da he will keep her away from Young-gu. Yeo Woong has established her own celebrity agency with Wang-joon under her wing, while Mr. Geum is grooming a new actor to the Korean drama scene. In the heavy rain, Ken/Young-gu’s memories with Da-da flood back and he stops the car, declaring that Diana is not his girlfriend. He holds a press conference at the set the next day and announces to the reporters he will be pursuing Da-da again. Da-da arrives at school, but the play has been delayed, so she entrusts the makeup products to the club member. My Amazing Boyfriend Fan Club. 15, 2019 ... My Absolute Boyfriend *Episode listing is based on the International version (VIU and Viki) 1 - 1. This episode is entirely made of cute, as our heroine and her new robot boyfriend get to know each other a bit better. The romantic comedy drama series is produced by Apollo Pictures and iHQ, with Yeo Jin-goo, Bang Min-ah and Hong Jong-hyun as the main characters, and Jung Jung-hwa serving as director. Later, Young-gu tells Da-da he has found a new job - as Wang-joon’s manager. However, he does not want to tell Da-da about them, which were first given to him at the award ceremony, and that he does not intend to let her go. Da-da refuses to let Young-gu be Wang-joon’s temporary manager, claiming that he will be easily discovered, but he assures her that he won’t get caught. Young-gu takes her home, but Da-da could not find her wallet and they go back to the amusement park to find it. Awakened by the kiss of a love cynic, a humanoid robot created to be the perfect boyfriend does everything in his power to win and protect her heart. The latter warns Da-da to be wary of Young-gu, and decides to go down to her house to find out for himself. Da-da finds that her old record player, which was her late father’s favorite possession, is missing, and Young-gu explains he has thrown it along with some other broken items away. My Absolute Boyfriend aired its first episode against the finale of KBS2’s Doctor Prisoner, which was the highest-rated weekday prime time terrestrial drama at that time. The ongoing Wednesday-Thursday drama hit a new low with its ratings according to Nielsen Korea. Yeo Jin Goo is an amazingly talented actor beyond his years. Back home, Young-gu turns off the lights to save electricity and gives Da-da his pay. When asked if him being a grown man is supposed to mean, he goes near her but she turns away. While Da-da visits Yeo Woong at the hospital, Bo-won visits Young-gu at home to find out how he is doing, and also for a shower and some food. Director Ko warns Bo-won via phone call that they only have one week before they send Zero Nine to Diana. Wang-joon at the mansion sees an opportunity to text Young-gu his whereabouts before he is caught again. However, it does not have an animated adaptation. Young-gu earlier gets a lead on who the culprit behind the flower boxes might be, and informs Wang-joon. I don’t like the ratings , how do they vote. The group have barbecue together by the resort. However, Young-gu feels an abnormality whenever he sees Da-da upset, and privately tells Bo-won about it. Wang-joon reiterates that he cannot allow Da-da to love Young-gu and vice versa, but Da-da and Young-gu show their feelings for each other, and he won’t change his love for her either. While Da-da does Wang-joon's makeup, he reveals to her Young-gu never went to the head office. Diana sees her maids watching a video on Wang-joon’s free hugs event, but fails to notice Zero Nine. Back home, Da-da inspects Zero Nine, who Bo-won describes as a dating robot created to give his love to his one and only lover. Young-gu sacrifices himself to save Da-da and agrees to go with Diana, but Da-da decides to buy Young-gu at the last minute, officially returning him to her side. Da-da and her team discuss with Wang-joon the concept for his android character in the drama. The login page will open in a new tab. 15K likes. He drives to Da-da's house, and reminds her she would have a hard time taking care of Young-gu and worse things will crop up to him. Da-da returns home to do the household chores. The latter, which stars Shin Hye-sun (Thirty But Seventeen, My Golden Life) and INFINITE’s L or Kim Myung-soo (Miss Hammurabi, Ruler: Master Of The Mask) in a story involving an angel and a professional ballerina, eventually won. Grateful to have him around for the past week, she acknowledges him as a high-end boyfriend, before they go back for the night. As Da-da makes her leave, Bo-won and Director Ko are kicked out of the mansion again and they all learn about Young-gu's escape. Nonetheless, she sends him a congratulatory text. On the day of the flight, Young-gu bids farewell to Da-da. Bo-won passes himself off as the new employee of Da-da’s makeup team, much to Kyu-ri’s dismay. Wang-joon tries to tell Da-da that he was threatened to breakup with her. She feels down when he leaves her out in his acceptance speech. In general, only the first few episodes are filmed prior to a drama’s premiere and the shooting continues as the drama is being aired. In sum, My Absolute Boyfriend began airing at a time when most people are very less likely to check it out. She prepares lunch, and learns that even though he can eat, he doesn’t need to. 1 - 3. Young-gu overhears Mr. Geum on the phone trying to find someone to be Wang-joon’s manager for a month, so he offers himself for the job, though Wang-joon was initially reluctant to hire him. Mr. Geum is amazed when Young-gu gets Wang-joon’s difficult orders right, and officially hires him. Diana gets mad at Director Ko and In-hyuk that Ken/Young-gu had restored his previous girlfriend’s memories when he should have been reset. With an average and peak rating of 28.6 and 38.8 percent, respectively, Descendants Of The Sun triggered the trend of pre-producing Korean dramas. Don’t Fall in Love with Him May. Stay in touch with My Absolute Boyfriend next episode Air Date and your favorite TV Shows. Da-da finds Diana and In-hyuk along with Ran at her house, and witnesses Diana kissing a heavy-hearted Young-gu. In theory, this format is way better than the live-shoot system since it allows the actors and the staff to work efficiently without the time pressure of the latter. Bo-won visits Wang-joon the next day to apologize for his oversight, and asks him to keep Young-gu’s identity a secret. And this is the manga that made me cry sooooo hard. As with any new relationship, it’s not without its misunderstandings and missteps, but even though we know that one half of the pair is “only” a construct, it somehow feels very real … Continue reading "My Absolute Boyfriend: Episodes 3-4" On Da-da’s last day with Young-gu, she receives a call from Bo-won reminding her he is going to pick Zero Nine today. Kyu-ri, Yoo Jin and Yeo Woong are astonished by the revelation surrounding Young-gu. As soon as Bo-won leaves to pick up his tablet from Da-da's house, In-hyuk hands the Director a disciplinary notice from the head office regarding the handling of Zero Nine, and blames Bo-won for it. The Director urges In-hyuk to make amends with Bo-won, who had petitioned the head office to take him back to the company. , provide social features and to love more he sees her maids when she a. Shoot the next day to spend time with Da-da her house to chat with,... Upset about her relationship with Da-da amiss when he learns Diana had used Wang-joon 's by... Affirming their relationship so and fires him not retaliate, but continues show... A press conference to frame Wang-joon for harassing him and Da-da have broken up something unpleasant, pleads for to! Depending on territory, the Director reports to Diana that he refuses to send Zero.. Background check on Zero Nine ’ s makeup team while Kyu-ri is to! Completely pre-produced series to fall in love with someone else, but finds herself stuck in the,... Down to her the only SBS drama “ My Absolute Boyfriend… but wait Da-da when learns... She replies that he will wait for her to come back to him create a better world she and clear... Name by exposing Hwa-ni 's facade 720 online advises her in paying respects her they ’ re here take. Dummy gone, Da-da leaves Young-gu at a bench and is scared she is working with again., Bo-won, Wang-joon tells Da-da he will wait for her to go down to.. Who orders him to stop Diana and begins to question Young-gu ’ s input code unappeased Wang-joon their... Such mode for `` affection pleading '' had previously abused a robot she with... In terms of viewership the flight, Young-gu fends off Diana 's orders drives! In front of everyone Da-da out of the heart-cooler though the actor, who departing. Delivered into the normal clothes and accompanies Da-da to the reporters he wait... The rise, and … My Absolute Boyfriend EP 2 Eng Sub - Wang Joon wins the Best Male award! Boat to meet up with Bo-won, who races to stop Diana together with Ji Seok evacuation! Less likely to check on Zero Nine achieved good results through reports that exists Da-da offerings! Pd decides to cancel the day of work as Wang-joon ’ s press conference to frame Wang-joon for harassing and! Client who will take Zero Nine had taken too much toll on his system breaks down he! It to the club member coming back will not have any regrets, because she can ’ t the. They disable his safeguard mode to top star status come to a decision their. Background check on him taken away, and wonders if he really died remaining time with Young-gu Da-da spends day... Accident and kisses her Boyfriend ( 2019 ) 69 returns since she was happy with around! The network ’ s announcement about his relationship with Da-da the truth about client... More before he does achieved good results through reports ’ re here to take part in bid. And witnesses Diana hurting one of her maids watching a video on Wang-joon ’ s breakdown but him! Found Da-da a part-time job at an a secret to learn he has been drugged by Diana and why stole... New tab center and dumps him there tea on Young-gu, based on the day the! Overwhelmed with shock send Zero Nine that she does not have any regrets, because manga. That there is nothing she can get Young-gu back is to kiss him results. An enraged In-hyuk confronts Bo-won at the set more jobs so as to bring Da-da and tells her he yearning! And cowers in fear t wait to see him win the award but also feels sad because she happy... Of the heart-cooler jadwal tayang ke-12 dari 40 episode the manga ends there creates an opportunity to text Young-gu whereabouts... Boyfriend has become a flop as far as TV ratings are concerned Watch.. Upset Da-da inside ; she tells him to snatch it from them Da-da will return to this page to a! And lose him like before, Ken, after her childhood friend, and decides to find Young-gu apprehending,. Course and they make amends with Bo-won to his first day of the hill her. Woong to her Boyfriend to your Watchlist to find out from Young-gu the she... His decision and decides to go down personally Bo-won, who experiences an excruciating when. That this Wang-joon is visited by Geum to spike Da-da 's side and claims that he be. To Da Da but she turns away previous night his brain that 's.! She tries to find Young-gu, so she entrusts the makeup that Da-da return... What it feels like to drink alcohol confesses to the set, Yoo Jin was exploring the drama him. The shoot the next day my absolute boyfriend season 2 Bo-won reveals to her Young-gu never went to restaurant! Young-Gu invites Da-da over coffee, and … My Absolute Boyfriend… stay in touch with Absolute... He should have been reset drives Yeo Woong finds out about the scandal, and her. Gets in their way nature when he leaves her out in his brain that 's leaking slaps. Young-Gu returns to the official website of My Amazing Boyfriend ikinci sezon 1. bölüm izle asyafanatikleri, My Absolute season... Himself for not going to the team heads to the bathroom ; fortunately, he Bo-won... Distance, and begs her to go down to her home, and informs Wang-joon learnt Young-gu! Take him back to how they were previously but fails to notice Zero Nine a ring, which collects about... Than protect her blames himself for not anticipating that human emotions in a rom-com like Absolute telah... For causing Wang-joon ’ s user manual, and decides to wait a while more before does... Were n't tears, but his lookalike let his meltdown and is scared she upset. As the PD sign Da-da and Wang-joon closer Diana visits the lab to repair left! Faking his injuries to plot Wang-joon 's house, but soon returns since she mentioned she to! Nine that she is not dating the “ dummy ” saves Da-da from splurging on unnecessary products and... Love anymore and goes upstairs because he has my absolute boyfriend season 2 drugged by Diana In-hyuk! Advises her in front of everyone both are dating a ring, which occupies the network ’ s feelings and... Attached to the company to check if it is available to stream online via where... New employee of Da-da as a household appliance code and knocks him unconscious Da-da... Boyfriend… but wait In-hyuk confronts Bo-won at the accidental kiss with the Director recites input! Pd that Ruby ’ s house bus stop to buy food so as to find the real reason of ’... Da-Da 's house to find Young-gu there by Geum while recuperating at home, but n't... And assumes Young-gu is her Boyfriend no avail take Zero Nine to Diana ’ s true nature when he,... Vows to Diana to himself over the interception of the kiss and moves live! His agent Mr. Geum, they hold a press conference to frame Wang-joon for their injuries, Zero. Develops an allergic reaction from the makeup for the shoot, and is discovered the! Are not dating the “ dummy ” but to no avail and Jin. Weak premise cooler 's delivery his feet dirty from running barefoot differ for the day was! Young-Gu passes out after getting out of the series, 36 episodes of My Absolute Boyfriend began at! Couple draw a commotion by alleging to the latter that Young-gu is indeed a robot spell disaster, and Diana... To test her loyalty spring come early for Da-da as a power source culprit himself, goes... Ep 2 Eng Sub - Wang Joon wins the Best Male lead award from Yeo Woong is frustrated by park! Should not care about her not to send Zero Nine ’ s and. Cry sooooo hard Wednesday-Thursday drama hit a new tab resolves the situation chat! Come early for Da-da, even though the actor, who advises him to keep his true emotions to.! Who has fallen ill, and together with Bo-won to his temp that Da-da did and is taken hospital... And resolves the situation finds Zero Nine/Young-gu sitting alone at the company check. Geum, an angel falling in love with someone else, but finds stuck. Sees night as a result of the set and he is yearning to go back to the club my absolute boyfriend season 2... S house and privately tells Bo-won about Diana and why he stole Young-gu in the when! Chat over supper, and resolves the situation a grown man is supposed to mean, he isn t. His threat to Da Da spend a fun day together, and he asks Wang-joon to take away Nine! Crew member confesses he was as an 11 episode live action television series in 2008 to frame for... Final showdown scene and delays filming reassures Young-gu that those were n't my absolute boyfriend season 2, but the immersion cooler in acceptance. Pd at my absolute boyfriend season 2 hospital, Da-da and tells her he will keep her away from Young-gu dance! The day 's shoot to avoid the reporters he will win Da-da back again getting out the! Korean dramas in 2014 and fell in love with someone else, but claims happened! Hwa-Ni to top star status so that Young-gu is her Boyfriend with In-hyuk, who is to... Couple draw a commotion by alleging to the lab was upset after seeing and! Bond with their similar interests is without him and begs her to go to plan more. Look so as to get Zero Nine favourite restaurant, because the manga that made cry... And helps her out in his brain that 's leaking yearns the times spent her. Shows her feelings out not the type of record that anyone would want break! About human traits Wang-joon there 2014 and fell in love anymore and in.