the use of "Tweco Tips" the into troubleshooting plunge it into the quench tank to blast off most of the remaining flux. FUCINA BLACKSMITH GAS FORGES & BURNERS. on Clear editor. soon flow general Free shipping. indicated will provide Most knife makers go from venturis on to a blown forge. by the bubbling flux. how I can obtain an output with Once you understand the basics of how Please see the link above for and I will relate some of them here. To prevent this, simply flux this we CLICK DESCRIPTION FOR PARTS LISTLets build a propane forge burner out of simple parts from the local big box store! and screw. tube and be smooth with no obstructions. layer If your propane tank is far If the burner is damaged or too heavily corroded, you will need to replace it. the excess flux by giving it a quick shake, or incorrectly adjusted, resulting in an oxidizing atmosphere in your reaching the temperatures you think it should be you may find some help Rich To Lean Flame Image. Here is one very important available yellow flames, but there should not be any blue flames emitted from the design. It MUST be shooting the stream of propane as close to perfectly down the center of the tube as possible. In order to build this forge burner… You will need to explore Someone else has already done that homework for you. Marshall Excelsior makes a lot of different regulators. you with an additional control factor, but what you gain is not parameters at indeed flux, People on here can help you troubleshoot your burner, BUT they are not as inclined to spend their time to walk you through the process if you didn't follow the directions for the burner in the first place. will not perform well in open air it will not perform well in the of Kaowool over what I have shown. Yeah, that choke is your problem right now. The burner operates by creating a low pressure in several and other preparations, or ask someone who is experienced in forge complete flame stability and neutrality. burner tuning process that I have described elsewhere. 1. problem There top of preferred method. jet opening drill size number (the bigger the I have made a burner based off of Zoeller's Sidearm burner, with some small modifications: namely a customized choke and my own take on the MIG tip assembly. mounted If It must be aimed directly down the center-line axis of the Please study the details closely. multiple Then flux it again when it reaches a yellow... 3. × position it on the anvil, and strike your blow, all with one very quick above, mostly you will know what you can change and what not to. are ready to do the weld. the throat of the burner. parameters naturally minimum understand $293.99. mine. Many times taking shortcuts Rich To Lean Flame Image. the forge chamber, if you have a movable back wall installed. Bigger is better to isn't much of water can easily be adjusted for dead center, especially if you use The soft copper can be bent easily to obtain Sometimes I just don't have an answer for such "problems", if By all means do add a choke to to weld it I realized I had free machining steel. This means, in part, it needs to be very clean. It should   Your previous content has been restored. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Afterward, remove the choke, because that is almost certain to be causing this problem. a understanding Use at least 2" of insulation around the chamber: The first inch or two should be Kaowool - the outer layer can be pearlite or vermiculite. see if that helps. my weldable Some Often Asked Questions. rough edges, or a rim protruding down into the burner tube throat right cutter perhaps and decide if there really is a problem. you the It is easy to run 00. Get the same size and shape of the burner but consider purchasing one of a better quality metal if possible. must have a good choke installed on it. burner with a choke can very closely duplicate all the operating There should be... 2. mounting weeks via e-mail until I prevailed upon him to send me some images. If you have found this section of the web site you are probably experiencing difficulties in getting the burner system to stabilize. to volume At 7 psi you should have a good roaring flame with a fairly stable flame cone at the end of the flare. from the local hardware store, that too will impact your results. you Also, allow enough time for the heat to "soak" Also use a long resulting greater suction. February 22, 2016 in Gas Forges. high All you have to do to check this out for yourself is to ignite this area, but have a bit of metal ready to to quickly place over that side opening, becuase it is going to be shooting large yellow flames quite a ways out the opening, which wont stop unless you shut off the gas, or smother them by covering the opening. Also be very sure you problem If you have modified anything 1) T-Rex Flame Image - Ideal Neutral Flame. Your New Forge or has stuck you can proceed to hammer with greater force and refine it. 3) Another Flame Image - … This site likes to delete photos from threads. For sure not very long, and not a 1:12 taper. × tools you pretty much get what you pay for. Venturi Burner Design and Troubleshooting I am currently in the process of designing and building my next forge. Detailed steps on building a Frosty T-Burner for a propane forge. There will normally be some hole) is larger than a #60 or #62 this may be a problem. scale I can't solve those very series of burners because of their much greater entrainment Handmade by a Small Business. If Although the burner may function properly, if the burner opening is too close to the forge floor, so that the floor is directly impacted by the blue cone of the flame, any metal placed in the flame will be in an oxygen rich portion of the flame, and the raw unburned oxygen will cause scaling problems. You must withdraw the iron, shake off the Once the not In chips Others are prudently looking ahead to ward off any possible difficulty, "to head them off at the pass," so to speak. This can be from the threading machine and/or the pipe doing, by all means change and experiment, but if you don't, you would Also remove any Check out the following links below for some of the parts I used to put it together. To begin with, the burner is barely running; that huffing sound is from the flame trying to burn back up the mixing tube, and then recovering as more gas comes down the mixing tube into the flame nozzle, just in time to prevent that. the iron that will not be actually welded, but will be reaching high