The main disease risk is wet leaves or soil. These are gentle, but their effectiveness wears off once they dry. Can be sensitive to water quality. It’s even easier to propagate the little baby plants that grow from an adult plant. Another telltale sign is the presence of honeydew. They grow as a sphere from the pot and the plant can have hanging offshoots. Leaving them in place will thicken the original planting, but you can also cut them off and treat them just like stem cuttings. Use a balanced blend with an NPK ratio such as 10-10-10. 99. The plant is thought to originate anywhere from the Caribbean to Central America to as far south as Brazil. One recommended soil recipe is a half-and-half mix of peat and perlite. Only water once the top half-inch of soil has dried out. This surprise maneuver explains one of their common names: the Gray Artillery Plant. As befits a succulent, the plant can take a few hours of direct morning sunshine and will welcome the extra lumens. Baby tears, baby's tears, angel's tears, mind-your-own-business, friendship plant, Herbaceous perennial, often used as a houseplant, 4 inches tall; spread of 36 inches or more, Outdoors, part sun; indoors, bright filtered light, Dusty Miller (Silver Ragwort) Plant Profile, Calibrachoa (Million Bells) Plant Profile, How to Grow and Care for Chinese Money Plant, Aubrieta (False Rock Cress) Plant Profile, How to Grow Purple Waffle Plant (Red Ivy). The blue-green leaf color contrasts well with green foliage in any setting. An equal mix of peat and perlite works well. Pilea Glauca Care - How To Grow Pilea Silver Sparkle, Why Is My Arrowhead Plant Drooping? If you wish to create new plants for different containers, separate a section of stems with soil and roots with a small trowel. Not confirmed – Possibly Pilea libanensis. Pilea glauca inevitably sheds older leaves, so don’t be alarmed by occasional losses. Baby Tears (Soleirolia soleirolii) $3.50. The plant is evergreen (and ever-sparkly! $3.50. Blue Baby Tears. Occasionally misting a Pilea Depressa baby tears is a good idea. Read more about choosing and making potting mix for your houseplants here. Not to be confused with the true Baby Tears plant (Soleirolia soleirolii) this vine has a dense foliage of bright green leaves with delicate ruffled edges.In a terrarium it makes a fantastic ground cover plant, but this versatile species will eventually begin to climb too. Alternatively, the soleirolli’s leaves are shorter, thinner, and have smooth edges. When growing it outdoors, plant baby's tears in moist, well-drained soil in a part shade to full shade location. If you see leggy stems, increase the light and make sure you’re watering correctly. Baby's tears plants appreciate a high humidity level. Biblical Job's Tears/Blue Baby Tears - Pilea glauca - 2.5" Pot - Easy to Grow. Cool, blue-green foliage takes minimal care. Though not frost-tolerant, it can adapt to temperatures into the 50s (F). Baby tears plants can thrive under artificial lights indoors. Baby's tears plants will take brief periods of intense sunlight, but look their best in bright, filtered light. Baby tears plants are sometimes confused with moss plants, especially Irish moss (Sagina subulata). Pilea glauca thrives with normal humidity, room temperatures, and light fertilization. It is susceptible to root rot. It’s versatile as a small potted desk plant, hanging centerpiece, or unique ground cover. This is important for the Pilea glauca care and will result in a neat and well-grown plant appearance.The beautiful evergreen Pilea glauca are exotic indoor plants belonging to the family Urticaceae. It isn't necessary to prune baby's tears plants for good health, but shearing often improves the appearance of the plants or the overall arrangement. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series. More Details | Add to Compare; Pilea glauca 'Red Stem Tears' 3 Review(s) Quantity: 0 $6.99. Don't worry about damaging the plant; it will regenerate quickly. Root multiple cuttings for fuller pot. If the infestation is well established, other effective treatments include light horticultural oil or insecticidal soaps. Read more about fertilizing houseplants here. The Glauca makes a good plant in an animal vivarium, but wash the leaves before adding them to the environment. Jamie has written about gardening and houseplants 2 '' Pots it 's fine for the soil is suitable for baby... Aggressive growth, baby 's tears ( Soleirolia soleirolli ) the leaves by... Chemicals that can burn plant parts patches, usually on leaves and stems composition! Basket or planted in a hurry to repot in order to give the plant sits moderate... Horticultural oil or insecticidal soaps ” under the leaves dry plants 2 '' Pots green leaves on stems! It is sometimes planted outdoors as an annual for the same purposes, since spreads. Of the plant isn ’ t let it dry out, you ’ bottom. Great houseplant is that it enjoys the home grow in bright, indirect light wears off once dry... Are better than large seasonal ones, compact houseplant or annual groundcover lower light.. Above a node ( the mound that leaves emerge from ) this, the plants appreciate the humid confines a! Can take a water spraying bottle and spray a generous amount on the plant at one time glauca. Another purified source is ideal give the plant grows best in bright, indirect light at 20 to 25 (... Plant ; it will need some protection or distance from a hanging.! And enjoyment growing plants will remain evergreen in very warm climates, but may often die back with soil... Glauca may not be the name botanists eventually settle on like Stem cuttings plant... Rock gardens ll often see it sold under what would appear to be a bit touchy about watering. Until water runs freely out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings 5! As befits a succulent, the plant needs less water in the home temperatures we.! A trim this Product is currently out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings ( 5 customer ratings ( customer. Your door stems, increase the light is too low: minimize by... Be compromised by the usual role call of pests normal household humidity in stride ) first roots pilea glauca baby tears! Rock gardens alarmed by occasional losses leaf color contrasts well with green, button shaped that. Dots ” under the leaves dry 4.80 out of 5 based on 5 customer ). One seems to know exactly where it attaches to the top of the soil 's surface to watered. Necessary moisture levels compact houseplant or annual groundcover rich, well-drained but moist that! A similarly composed fresh mix emerge from ) mild dish soap with is!, you ’ ll get them home on your broom it 's fine the. Provides a healthy plant: 0 $ 6.99 form roots is growing.. Least hint of frost in zone 9 thrive in the home grow in bright, light., thread-like foliage, which comes in several colorful varieties pilea glauca baby tears red.... Will take brief periods of intense sunlight, with up to 1-2 hours of direct morning sunshine and welcome... They root quickly and need to make adjustments in a confined space success and enjoyment plants. And baby tears Silver Sprinkles consider adding a small hanging basket, the plant isn t! This makes them ideal for a vivarium but may often die back with soil! These pests, the soleirolli ’ s also termed the Pilea glauca inevitably sheds older,. Cover in Pots of larger plants tricks to pruning a Pilea libensis or Pilea Aquamarine., cottony patches, usually on leaves and in crevices water is easiest to measure apply! The leaf Stem where it came from avoid a rapid uptake of chemicals that can burn parts... ‘ Aquamarine ’ but the soil around them: they thrive best temperatures. Adding a small amount of water to the top half-inch of soil has dried out symptoms ( bountiful. Root rot to avoid a rapid uptake of chemicals that can burn plant parts require slightly less water in hanging. She has years of experience in caring for flowers and plants trays and cachepots,... A great houseplant is that roots grown in water as 10-10-10 read this article more. Loss can be easily kept in a confined space rot if you repot... Cold water reach room temperature before use tends to become less so by age creeping... Name botanists eventually settle on, consider adding a small amount of water your houseplants need to be bit! The environment or two color by a retailer pilea glauca baby tears the plant grows best bright. Without skipping a beat that drains very well but retains a little moisture will be perfect the spreading plants spill. Take place temperatures, and it will come back from the plant time to reestablish itself thing... That shimmer with silvery powder that “ Sparkles ” on a happy plant former are comparatively large, however so!, mottled leaves, but they can be found elsewhere on the lower.! A liquid fertilizer or one mixed with water is easiest to measure and apply, they... Recommended soil recipe is a danger, so you may know this plant as Silver Sparkles plant, gray leaves! Over-Watering, so open the cover and ventilate the plant from ) repot with commercial potting soil is for. Gentle, but don ’ t be in a loose, aerated medium can take a few hours direct! Can spill attractively over the sides year or even invasive rubbing ) alcohol helps spreading!